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Welp, the latest episode of Gravity Falls featured a yandere.

i don’t watch gravity falls but…
claps??? for gravity falls??? because character variety???

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Merman Sousuke doesn’t realize that Fisherman Rin can’t breathe underwater.


so glad i bought the early bird set!!



Did anyone else notice that Mamiko imagelooks a lot like Sakuraimage

the first time she met Nozaki?image

Actually, Mamiko is based off of Sakura from Nozaki’s memory of her (kinda sorta, her hairstyle stuck in his mind). It’s actually addressed in the manga! I forgot the chapter though

I bet Sosuke doesn't even like cola. He just buys so it goads Rin into competing with him.

but he always loses so he ends up giving away his coke
what’s the point of pretending
that loser

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I thought Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun was supposed to be a comedy. Why did the the very final scene hurt me so? I think it would have been even worse had Chiyo had tears streaming down her face as she laughed ;_;

oh god i cried ok??? i cried…
i was happy and i laughed but i cried…
nozaki-kun why…

i don’t feel like chiyo was upset by it because
y’know that’s just how nozaki is… he’s always like that…
but i just… CHIYOO!!!! MY GIRLL!!!!

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You've already said that you want to stay out of the drama, so I won't be offended if you decide not to post or respond to this. But is the drama from free! or something personal? Sorry I'm just curious, but I really hope whatever drama that's causing people strife is not from an animated television series. If I had a cat, I'd post it for you to try and brighten your day. :)

It’s not personal from what little I gathered.
It has nothing to do with liking characters or hating characters either, so it kinda is… Not? About the actual series itself? In that sense?


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Miyano: [Sousuke] is in a state of despair that hasn't been experienced by anyone else [in this series] so far. Back when Rin was having trouble, he was feeling a whole lot of suffering-- his frustration was coming from his misery, and how he couldn't forgive even himself for being unable to do what he thought he could and being acknowledged, which prevented him from recovering. But that's an issue of emotions, right? In Sousuke's case, it isn't about emotions but a physical problem. I mean, in that moment when he found out that physically what he wanted to do was impossible, but still had the strength to find a new dream-- his new dream of swimming with Rin… and even though he knew his shoulder was at its breaking point, Sousuke was able to say that what lay ahead of that was his new goal… that strength is what I found admirable. It made me think, if I were in the same position [with losing my voice as a voice actor] would I have been able to come to terms with my loss in the same way? […] You'd normally feel down about it indefinitely, right? But the way he came back up to the surface and found a new dream… and while he didn't know what lay ahead, he still showed a gaze filled with hope and determination when he said that… I thought that was amazing. He came up with an answer inside himself and chose to look forward, that's amazing.
Shimazaki: Yeah… and in my case, while his eyes had hope and determination, I also thought they were filled with a little sadness…
Miyano: Well, yeah, you never really, really know what a person is thinking deep inside. Only they know, the people around them can only imagine what they're thinking. So you can't tell him "good for you [for finding that dream]." But since it is their life… it's up to that person to choose to live how they want. Rin suggested that time that [Sousuke] shouldn't swim, but it's Sousuke's life, it's what he <i>really</i> wanted to do. If he wants it that badly, then there's nothing else you can do but let him have his wish.
Shimazaki: Yeah, [Rin] said that one time that he wasn't going to let him swim…
Miyano: Yeah, it's impossible [in that condition]. There's a chance that possibilities in the future would close if he pushed himself now. But because of [Sousuke's] strong feelings that that wasn't the point… Not answering to those feelings wouldn't be the manly thing [for Rin] to do, and since it was also [Rin's] dream to make the best team at Samezuka… he even had the support of the juniors around him and they followed. At that moment, he couldn't tell [Sousuke] to not go. So, while it was a scene filled with many complicated emotions, it was a scene that made you feel their strong bonds even moreso.


whatever happens, we’ll always have this drama cd

if they sound like that all the time when it’s cold, can we have eternal winter next please



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